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Technical Bulletins and Videos

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Technical Bulletins are designed to quickly and easily provide tips, tricks and insight regarding Ottobock products and services, while our collection of product video guides aim to guide you through the essentials of product function or fitting.

As always, you may contact us for additional assistance.

Lower Extremity Prosthetics

15606 C-Leg 4 Maintenance Notification Download
 #1 Ottobock Torque Settings and Loctite Recommendations Download
#160 TaiLor MadeTM Foot Quick Guide for Ottobock Microprocessor Knees Download
#158 Harmony E2 Test Socket and Definitive Socket Fabrication Download
#152 How to change the inductor charging ring on an Ottobock Genium Microprocessor Knee Watch Video
#151 Replacing the expansion springs on the Helix Hip Joint Download
#148 Creating a Build-Up on the Socket for Genium® and X2 Knee Joints Download
#146 3R60 Knee Features and Adjustments Watch Video
#145 3R80 Knee Features and Adjustments Download
#144 How to do Ply Reductions Using Vacuum Download
#141 Tips for accessing 3rd mode in the C-Leg® 3 Download
#139 Harmony Socket Fabrication Video Watch Video
#138 Sleeve Protector Fabrication Video Watch Video
#137 Harmony e-Pulse Flush Mode Download
#128 Testing Vacuum in a Harmony® e-pulse System Download
#126 Resetting the Harmony® e-pulse Download
#125 Caring for Your Urethane Liners Download
#123 Maintaining Volume Control Utilizing Urethane Liners Download
#122 Pairing Compact® Remote Download
#116 Pairing C-Leg 3 Remote Download
#114 4R110 Pediatric three prong lamination anchor Download
#112 Attachment of the 4F18 Manual Lock Release for Orthotic and Prosthetic Joints Download
#109 Air Channel Fabrication for Suction or Elevated Vacuum Systems Download
#107 Changing Elastomer Plates on the DeltaTwist Download
#200 How to donn the Meridium footshell Watch Video

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

 #159 Michelangelo Hand Glove Donning Instructions Download PDF
Watch Video
#154 How to use the 711M77=2 Magnetic Centering Aid for pull-in-tubes Download
#150 Assembling the Wrist Disarticulation Myoelectric Hand Download
#129 Setting the Friction Adjustment for Humeral Rotation in the DynamicArm and ErgoArm® Download
#119 Resetting the Myobock™ Quick Disconnect Wrist Download
#111 Pediatric System 2000 Battery Cable to the 4-in-1 Controller Download
#108 13E201 Accessory Kit for Thermoplastic Sockets Download
#104 Connecting Electrode Cables to Electrodes or Linear Transducer Download
#201 Myoelectric Wrist Disarticulation, Optimizing Range of Motion Download


#157 C-Brace Test Orthosis Alignment Using the LASAR Posture Download
#156 Carbon Ankle Seven Casting & Fabrication Techniques Watch Video
#133 Convert Gravity-Actuated Ring Lock to Manually-Actuated Download
#131 FreeWalk KAFO: Evaluating the Subtalar Joint Download
#127 28U11 WalkOn™: Obtaining a Comfortable Fit for Your Patients Download
#112 Attachment of the 4F18 Manual Lock Release for Orthotic and Prosthetic Joints Download
#103 WalkOn™ AFO Fitting Download

Product Video Guides

Lower Limb Prosthetics
3R60 Knee:Features and Adjustments Lower Limb Prosthetics Watch online