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Cooperative Care

Ottobock Cooperative Care, our personalized consulting service, provides expert assistance for clinical fittings when you need it most. With our help, you can confidently work with and fit the types of patients you may not see frequently, such as those with upper limb and hip amputations or complex orthotics. It can also provide you with an additional resource when you are short staffed or time is of the essence. Services are available at your facility.

Just as you might use the Ottobock Fabrication Center as an extension of your practice, you can also turn to Cooperative Care. Most importantly, you always maintain your relationship with your patient and demonstrate to referral sources that you can care for any patient and are up for any challenge.

“We felt like part of a team with patient care as the only agenda.” – Mick Crawford, CP, Capital O&P, Ohio

"Leaving here today I am very happy to be back on track. Great staff and you feel like a king with the one-on-one treatment. Not only did I get my leg taken care of, I feel like I made some friends for life in the Ottobock family.” – Mark, recent Cooperative Care patient

Ottobock Cooperative Care is provided by our Professional and Clinical Services team. The team offers extensive field experience and knowledge of Ottobock components. Our team approach streamlines the fitting process to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients. By working closely with a dedicated CPO, a case that could drag on for weeks or even months can be completed in a few short days.

The On-site option – Right in your office

You have the convenience of having Ottobock’s clinical consulting service available right in your facility!  Let our Care Team develop a personalized care plan specifically for your patient. If you determine this is the best option for you and your patient, we will work with you to schedule a time for us to come out to you.

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