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Canadian Customers: Take a look at our simplified Returns Process

Canada Warranty Duration

These documents describe Ottobock’s warranty time limitation periods for the general product categories. They are not all-inclusive and customers are advised to refer to the specific warranty documents provided with each product.

Ottobock reserves the right to change the warranty time limitation periods, warranty terms and conditions at its sole discretion.

Prosthetics Warranty Duration  DownloadPDF | 0.05 MB
Orthotics Warranty Duration  DownloadPDF | 0.85 MB
MPK Warranty Packages  DownloadPDF | 0.85 MB

Repair Request Form

Repair Request Form (CA)  DownloadPDF | 0.06 MB


Pre-Sales Warranty Brochure - Prosthetic Hands and Elbows  DownloadPDF | 0.03 MB

Additional C-Leg® Warranty Information

  1. During the 24th month after delivery of the System, OTTO BOCK will perform a service check-up upon the purchaser’s request.  Prerequisites for the utilization of the service check-up or other warranty services are as follows:
  2. OTTO BOCK carries out the service check-up within the prescribed months after delivery;
  3. no repairs or alterations have been made on the C-Leg® Knee Joint, C-Leg® Tube Adapter, or C-Leg® Batter Charger with AC-Adapter except by OTTO BOCK or by service companies authorized by OTTO BOCK;
  4. the practitioner submits to OTTO BOCK a warranty claim immediately upon the discovery of any manufacturer's defects.
  5. the practitioner includes a detailed description of the problem when returning the knee joint;
  6. the patient and the practitioner have observed the Instructions for Use that were supplied with the product;
  7. the Service Card is included with the returned knee joint.
  8. Failure to comply with the foregoing requirements may void the Limited Warranty.