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myLearning by Ottobock is your education portal for all product and service-related education from Ottobock North America. Simply register to access e-learning, product certifications, webinars, video tutorials, and more.

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Call us in the US: 800 328 4058 or in Canada: 800 665 3327 and ask for PCS support

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Professional Clinical Services

Ottobock’s Professional Clinical Services department has the largest and most experienced staff in the industry. Whether you’re a practitioner, a technician, or someone who uses our products, we’re here to provide the best possible information, accessibility and support. Contact us for education, fitting support, a product trial, or service. Contact us for education, fitting support, a product trial, or service.

Email us in the US at or in Canada at

Call us in the US: 800 328 4058 or in Canada: 800 665 3327 and ask for PCS support

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Experts OnDemand - Recorded Events

Below are our three most recent event recordings. Go to our Experts OnDemand Archives to see many more.

Please note that we are not offering any CEUs for any Experts onDemand courses at the moment.

Marketing in O&P, Applying Mainstream Marketing Trends to Our Corner of Healthcare



Learning Objectives

  1. Name the content type in which businesses share social posts that patients have posted themselves.
  2. Name the social channel which should be considered the home base for your business.
  3. Identify the support you can provide a successful post to help make it go viral.
  4. Identify the action of replying to and responding to social media comments, inquiries, and questions.
  5. State the two social platforms which can help businesses find potential content and new patients.
  6. Learn to protect your business with a media release when creating content in the clinic to share on social.


Standing Steady Webinar: Considerations for Bilateral Users



Learning Objectives

  1. List two possible causes of amputation and likelihood of bilateral amputation secondary to diabetes
  2. Describe the 3 steps in the rehabilitation process specific to bilateral users
  3. State two reasons for using the short leg graduated protocol
  4. Describe 3 the unique features of Ottobock microprocessor knees that support the bilateral population
  5. Name 2 programming parameters for bilateral users in Ottobock microprocessor knees


C-Leg & Kenevo: Functional Differences & Reimbursement Guidance



Learning Objectives

  1. Gain knowledge of clinical criteria for determination of suitable MPK technology given patient presentation.
  2. Expand knowledge of the clinical evidence of MPK benefits for K2 patients.
  3. Deepen understanding of reimbursement environment for MPK access for the K2 patient population.
  4. Expand expertise in navigating the reimbursement obstacle course surrounding medical justification of MPK technology for K2 patients


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Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins are designed to quickly and easily provide tips, tricks and insight regarding Ottobock products and services, while our collection of product video guides aim to guide you through the essentials of product function or fitting. 

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