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Service and Repair

The medical devices from Ottobock that your patients rely on for their mobility and independence are complex and intricate. As the global leader in prosthetics, we feel it is our responsibility to back our products with the best after-sales service in the industry. Through our service function, we partner with you to keep your patients’ products performing well, despite normal wear and tear, and to help the products last as long as possible.

Whether you need scheduled, routine maintenance or help with an unexpected repair, our Ottobock service technicians are here for you. They are trained to the highest standards by the same team of master trainers globally. That means you always have access to the same high quality of service, regardless of where you or your patient is living or traveling.

Loaner Program 

We offer the most generous loaner program in the industry so your patients can continue to live their lives safely while their devices are being serviced.

Available products

The following products are available on loan:

  • C-Leg, Kenevo, Genium and X3
  • bebionic, DynamicArm, DynamicArm Plus, Michelangelo, and other select Myo products
  • Harmony vacuum products
  • Mechanical knee families including, but not limited to: 3R106, 3R60, 3R62, 3R80, 3R90, 3R93 and 3R95
  • Hips 7E9 and 7E10
  • Meridium and Empower
  • C-Brace

To make sure your loaner is just what you expect, every component must pass a seven-point maintenance review before it can be loaned again. Devices are retired when they reach the end of their useful life. We match technology whenever possible – a C-Leg loaner for a C-Leg sent to service, for example – so that patients can rely on familiar functionality.

How the program works

Follow these easy steps to use our loaner program:
•    Contact Service at 800 328 4058 to request a product, setting a date based on your patient’s availability. If you need a C-Leg, you can use the form found here. 
•    At the appointment, fit the patient with the loaner component, then pack and ship the patient’s component back to us. To avoid rental fees, send the patient’s component back to us within three weeks (21 days) from the date we ship you the loaner.
•    We will evaluate your product and provide you with a repair estimate. The estimate includes a 90-day warranty on parts and labor. A rental fee will not be charged during this time.
•    Decide whether you want to service, repair, or replace the product. We’ll follow your directions and get the device back to you promptly.
•    Once you receive the patient’s component, return the loaner to us within three weeks (21 days) to avoid rental fees.

The first time you use the program, we’ll ask you to review and sign a Terms and Conditions document (similar to renting a car) that clarifies the specifics around loaner ownership, loaner time frames, and out-of-warranty rental options. This document is important to read, since it governs the details of the process. You can find the full document on the Download tab below.

Rental fees
If your service is covered by warranty, and you manage the timelines within our parameters, we will waive rental fees.

If your service is not under warranty, either because it has expired or the issue is not covered, we will still waive rental fees as a “thank you” if you decide to repair the product or replace it with another Ottobock product.

For more information
For more details contact your Sales Representative or Customer Service.