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Item #: BB1000=0_B

All hand sizes, wrist options, and colors

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Détails du produit

The bebionic is an advanced and well-established multi-articulating hand for people with upper limb difference. Ideally suited for light to moderate daily activities, the bebionic’s modern and sleek design is engineered to deliver an efficient and highly functional experience.

Wrist Options:

  • EQD Wrist (Quick Disconnect)
    • designed for easy passive rotation and quick removal
  • Short Wrist
    • designed to accommodate a long residual limb/wrist disarticulation
    • supplied with 9S110 lamination ring
  • Flexion Wrist
    • 5 locking positions from -40° to +40° in 20° increments
    • Provides easier access to midline
    • Assists in reducing compensatory movements
    • equipped with the 10V40 MyoWrist 2Act by Ottobock

Size and Color Options:

  • Small (7 ¼, ideally suited for users with a smaller sound side)
    • Black finish
    • White finish
  • Medium (7 ¾)
    • Black finish


  • 14 grip patterns and hand positions (up to 8 programmed at once)
  • Mechanical Smart Thumb – once positioned in opposed or lateral position, it automatically moves to accommodate the selected grip pattern
  • 6 control modes available (2 dual site, 4 single site)
  • Auto grip feature (tripod grip only)
  • Easily accessible Program Switch on back of hand
  • Proportional and digital control options
  • Fingers movements are tracked by sensors utilizing a patented encoding system, resulting in reliable grip repeatability
  • Individual finger motors are positioned proximally for natural weight distribution
  • Bluetooth connectivity: use a single dongle to easily connect to updated bebalance+ programming software; B33061 Bluetooth Dongle not included in scope of delivery; please request if needed
  • Streamlined compatibility available with the Ottobock Myo Plus pattern recognition system
  • Optional cosmetic silicone glove in 9 different colors, including Jet Black


  • Comes with a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extended warranty options available, up to 5 years
  • Free loaners provided during maintenance and repairs
  • Fully manufactured in Vienna, Austria and constructed using best-in-class, high quality materials
  • Local Master Service Center with certified technicians in Salt Lake City, Utah

Scope of Delivery:

  • bebionic hand
  • bebionic tool kit (includes spare clevis links)
  • Carrying case for battery charger
  • Instructions for Use (User and Practioner Versions)
  • bebalance+ Software Instructions


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