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Image Library

We are so glad that you are interested in using Ottobock’s images for your own purposes and grant you permission to do so. You may download photos of each product from the link below.

When using these images, please note the following:
Colored images from Ottobock may be used for advertising purposes within your own communications if they include “© Ottobock” at the right-hand border of the image.

If you need additional resources or have any questions, please contact the Ottobock Marketing team at

 *By clicking on the any of the download links below, you agree to the adhere to the Terms of Use stated here (PDF).

Ottobock Logos

Ottobock in Lifelong Blue, CMYK Download JPG | 130 KB
Download PNG | 13 KB
Ottobock in Lifelong Blue, RGB Download JPG | 98 KB
Download PNG | 13 KB
Ottobock in White, CMYK Download PNG | 12 KB


bebionic Download JPG | 7.3 MB
C-Leg 4 Download (Part 1) JPG | 20.5 MB
Download (Part 2) JPG | 7.3 MB
Empower Download JPG | 9.8 MB
Genium Download JPG | 13.1 MB
Harmony P4 Download JPG | 4.0 MB
Kenevo Download JPG | 2.9 MB
Mechanical Feet Download JPG | 12.0 MB
Mechanical Knees Download JPG | 18.6 MB
Meridium Download JPG | 6.5 MB
Michelangelo Download JPG | 6.7 MB
Runner Download JPG | 8.9 MB
Skeo Sealing Liner Download JPG | 1.6 MB
Skeo Unique Liner Download JPG | 5.7 MB
Taleo Download JPG | 9.1 MB
Uneo Unique Liner Download JPG | 4.8 MB
X3 Download JPG | 9.0 MB


Agilium Vantage Download JPG | 8.7 MB
Aqualine KAFO Download JPG | 5.6 MB
C-Brace Download JPG | 18.2 MB
CCAFO Download JPG | 1.6 MB
E-Mag Download JPG | 8.4 MB
MyCRO Band Download JPG | 16.0 MB
Omo Neurexa Download JPG | 0.2 MB
WalkOn AFO Download JPG | 5.5 MB
WalkOn Reaction AFO Download JPG | 5.9 MB
WalkOn Reaction Junior AFO Download JPG | 5.8 MB