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SiOCX prosthetic socket systems

Want to get the best fit for your patients—and make your practice shine in the process? Partner with Ottobock!

Our central fabrication has the equipment, the expertise and the innovative materials to fabricate the next generation in sockets—and help your practice show its true colors. Welcome to SiOCX.

SiOCX sockets offers the best in comfort, function, and hygiene.
Custom SiOCX sockets take advantage of HTV (high temperature vulcanization) silicone for the inner socket and carbon prepreg for the outer socket, to offer incredible fitting solutions.

The SiOCX family includes complete socket systems as well as stand-alone inner sockets. Although we have specialized solutions for transfemoral and transradial sockets, custom silicone solutions can be made for almost all amputation levels.

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Advantages for SiOCX TF

  • Control: You can design and fabricate the external socket frame yourself, while we make the inner liner. This gives you maximum control of socket fit.
  • Freedom: SiOCX TF sockets are designed for maximum freedom of movement and control thanks to high adhesion and a secure connection between the inner and outer socket.
  • Comfort: Flexible dorsal socket brim makes it easier for residual limb to take a more natural shape during sitting. Pads can also be integrated into some of the inner sockets. Great for short, pressure-sensitive limbs.
  • Hygienic: all SiOCX inner sockets are made from medical grade silicone, so they’re them easy to clean with soap and water. They can also be sterilized.
  • Waterproof: all SiOCX sockets work with waterproof prostheses.
  • Easy to put on: Special non-stick coating in the proximal area of the inner socket makes donning and doffing easy and feels good against the skin.
  • Great adhesion: The HTV silicone offers great adhesion, adding to your patient’s feeling of security—and letting you cut down trim lines for enhanced comfort.

Advantages for SiOCX TR

  • Higher comfort for pressure sensitive limbs: different degrees of silicone hardness and gel pads can protect sensitive areas of the limb.
  • Great ROM with the optimized socket edge of the carbon fiber frame. Plus flexible sections in the inner and outer sockets offer real freedom of movement—and let muscles flex more easily.
  • Secure: Silicone provides extremely high adhesion and good prosthesis control.
  • Easy to clean: Medical grade silicone is easy to clean and can be sterilized.
  • Conductive interfaces can be built in for myoelectric devices, separating them from perspiration and thus preventing electrode corrosion while improving surface contact.
  • More natural: Soft exterior feels more natural and doesn’t slide or slip on hard surfaces like tables.
  • Attractive choice: Your patient can chose between all sorts of color options, from solid and mixed colors to tones that will match their skin or prosthesis cover.

How to order

If you’d like to find out more about SiOCX sockets, sign up for a consultation to learn what we can do for you.