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iFab - Fabrication Services

Learn more about Ottobock iFab Fabrication Services for:

Hip Sockets | TT-TF Test SocketsUpper Limb | Custom Silicone | Orthotics | SiOCX

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Your busy practice is running at full efficiency—too efficient to have to correct a mistake. You don’t want to turn custom orthotic and prosthetic fabrication away, but you want control—of your patient, the device, and the price. You need quality back-up you can trust—and you want to grow your business.

We can help.


Ottobock can extend your workbench for:

  • Overflow, when you’ve got just too much work, a machine is down, or your best technician is on vacation.
  • Difficult or Unusual fittings, such as hip sockets and UL sockets and anything else you just don’t see a lot of. Ottobock has one of the largest central fabs in North America, and does hundreds of hips and UL sockets a year.
  • New, high tech materials and processes, including custom carbon fiber orthotics—such as the C-Brace, SiOCX external frame prosthetic sockets, custom silicone, and TT + TF test sockets for a no-mess solution for check sockets. You just measure for TF (and also scan for TT) and we do the rest!

Stay flexible and in control—while saving time and money

  • We’ll work with you to determine the costs and turnaround time of a job, so you’ll  know exactly what you’re getting and when you’ll get it—with no surprises. Just call us to get things rolling.
  • By picking and choosing which jobs you’ll outsource, and which jobs you keep in-house, you’ll stay flexible and responsive while keeping job integrity high. That’s good for your patients, and your business.
  • Our customer services staff are ready to help, and will get your job into the hands of technicians with decades of experience.

Take advantage of team effort

Our fabrication, manufacturing and engineering departments are now under the same roof in Salt Lake City, leading to cross-pollination and real synergy. What this means for you is that we’re constantly improving our processes and optimizing materials to get the best solutions for you and your patients.

To find out more about Ottobock iFab fabrication services—or to get a quote, request a consultation below.


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