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Item #: 10S17
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Détails du produit

The 10S17 Electric Wrist Rotator provides the electrical rotation of the Ottobock System Electric Hand or Greifer. Use of the 13E205 MyoRotronic with the 10S17 rotator is required, along with the MyoSelect tool for programming, for all applications EXCEPT for use with switch control or DynamicArm.

This product can be operated in combination with all Ottobock System Electric Hands and System Greifers that are equipped with the Quick Disconnect Wrist.

10S17 Electric Wrist Rotator:

  • Required for pronation and supination of the hand
  • If muscular tension is not sufficient for operation with the 13E205 MyoRotonic, the 10S17 can be controlled by the 9X14 Harness Pull Switch, the 9X18 Traction Switch, or the 9X25 Rocker Switch.

Consists of:

  • 11S4 lock ring
  • 11S61 wrist drive with coaxial plug
  • 11S25 lock ring
  • 9E85 protective cap
  • 9E363 drive unit
  • 9E365 protection plug


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10S17 Electric Wrist Rotator - Instructions for Use

Notice d’utilisation

Document PDF | Date de publication : 11 janv. 2021

Wiring of the DynamicArm

Information produit

Document PDF | Date de publication : 1 mars 2013