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Electrode cable

Item #: 13E129
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Détails du produit

13E129 Electrode Cable with Straight Plug and 13E121 Plug Connector is used to connect the electrodes in myoelectric systems to a:

  • 9E169 Coaxial Plug
  • 13E205 MyoRotronic
  • 9E369/9E370 4-in -1 LS Controller or 9E420 7-in-1 Controller
  • 13E190 Distributor or 10S7 Electric Wrist Rotator

The cable is available in four lengths; 100 mm, 300 mm, 600 mm and 1000 mm.

Article number Length
13E129=G100 100 mm
13E129=G300 300 mm
13E129=G600 600 mm
13E129=G1000 1000 mm