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3R80 knee in water

Mechanical Knees

Ottobock offers a complete range of mechanical solutions for every activity level. From traditional locking knee joints for people with very limited mobility, to people who compete athletically, we set the standard for prosthetic knees.

You will also find knees with unique features and functions, such as the patented 5-axis design of the 3R60, which helps deliver advanced stance flexion for a smoother gait cycle. Or the waterproof design of our robust 3R80 for people who need a knee for more aggressive activities. See for yourself by exploring categories to the left or browsing below.

Ergonomically Balanced Stride: How does EBS work?

Ergonomically Balanced Stride (EBS) technology is at the core of the 3R60 family of products. With EBS technology, the 3R60 securely provides up to 15 degrees of cushioned, controlled knee flexion at heel strike. By shifting the center of rotation posteriorly and proximally at heel strike, the 3R60’s stance phase flexion provides shock-absorbing comfort as well as additional stability. Compared to other prosthetic knee joints, the safety of the 3R60 increases significantly with knee flexion. Controlled knee flexion reduces strain on the back and hips and provides relief for the residual limb.

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