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Item #: 8E600=L

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With the AxonHook, Michelangelo users are free to choose. In addition to the Michelangelo Hand, the AxonHook is designed to meet the performance needs of the most demanding wearers by increasing the number of functional work tasks available. Transradial and transhumeral patients can now benefit from the Michelangelo Hand as well as the powerful and rugged AxonHook. This is the perfect combination of terminal devices required for everyday tasks.

The AxonWrist (included) allows users to easily swap between the Michelangelo Hand and the AxonHook. All wrist functionality of the Michelangelo Hand is implemented into the AxonHook. This allows users to choose the most appropriate terminal device for maximum versatility and independence in everyday life. Combined with the AxonRotation or even with the AxonArm Ergo for TH fittings, it will be the preferred choice of the highly active prosthetic wearer.


Scope of delivery:

  • AxonHook (8E600=*)


Weight approx. 400 g (w/ flexible wrist)
Grip force on hook tips 110N +/- 15N (approx. 25 lbs)
Speed Maximum 173 mm/s
Opening width approx. 120 mm
Temperature range 14 degrees F to 140 degrees F / -10 degrees C to +60 degrees C
Relative humidity max. 93%
Length: Tip of hook to proximal connection point 180 mm


APS-Michelangelo Reimbursement Guide

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Reimbursement: Toolkit

APS-Michelangelo Billing Tips (US only)

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Reimbursement: Toolkit

APS-Michelangelo Coding Options (US Only)

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Reimbursement: Toolkit

UL Documentation Packet

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Reimbursement: Documentation Guide

Published Date: February 28, 2020

8E600 AxonHook - Specification Sheet

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8E600 AxonHook - Instructions for Use (qualified personnel)

Instructions for Use: 647G1001 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/CS)

Published Date: January 8, 2015