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Item #: 13E200=60
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Détails du produit

Four times more powerful than older electrodes, the 13E200 Myobock Electrode lessens sensitivity to low and high frequency interferences as well as provides noise filtration.  Made of pure titanium, they are suitable for people with allergies.

As the industry standard, 13E200 MyoBock Electrode provides:
  • Enhanced sensitivity in low muscle signal range and increased differential in high muscle signal range to broaden the spectrum of potential patients
  • Decreased sensitivity to low and high frequency interference assures prostheses operation is not interrupted
  • Titanium construction, making it suitable for patients with allergies
  • Drop-in replacement for 13E125=60 electrode
  • 13E200=* (50 or 60 HZ) Electrode
  • 13E153 Electrode Accessories


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13E200 Electrode - Instructions for Use (qualified personnel)

Notice d’utilisation

Document PDF | Date de publication : 4 mai 2021

MyoBock System Overview

Information produit

Document PDF | Date de publication : 1 janv. 2013