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Upper limb prosthetic fabrication

If you have an upper limb patient you’d like to fit, but don’t have a lot of experience with upper limb fittings, let us lend a hand—and expand your practice at the same time.

Our Ottobock central fabrication technicians have decades of experience, and see upper limb fittings every day. From standard transradial sockets to complete shoulder disarticulation prostheses to the new SiOCX TR silicone socket, our technicians will help you get a great solution for your upper limb patients.



  • We’ve got you covered: Our UL solutions span multiple technologies to fit your patients’ priorities: from myoelectric to body power, from custom silicone to hybrid.
  • Experience: Our Technicians know their stuff and love their work—with 1,000s of upper limb sockets behind them. We can extend your workbench—and grow your business in the process.
  • Quality: We’ve got the best components in the industry, including the Michelangelo, SensorHand, and VariPlus hands, the Axon Rotation active wrist rotator, and the ErgoArm and DynamicArm elbows. These components are designed to work together to create a smooth, comfortable and secure system for your patients.
  • Complete prostheses: Complete fabrication of UL prostheses take advantage of the best Ottobock has to offer and save you the trouble of dealing with it—so your technicians are free to work on other projects.
  • Clinical backup for the whole fitting: Ottobock's Cooperative Care can take you to the next level with upper limb patients.

Cooperative Care

If you also opt for Ottobock Cooperative Care for an upper limb fitting, you can expect the highest level of hands-on service:

  • Our clinicians work side-by-side with you and your patient; we’re not so much a consultant as a trusted partner.
  • With fabrication facilities just a few steps away, the process from casting to test socket can happen in a day!
  • Your patient can start training with the new system right away.
  • You’ll get a great outcome for your patient without the worry. Find out more about Cooperative Care.

How to order

If you’d like to start an upper limb prosthesis project, sign up for a consultation to learn what we can do for you..

Or, go straight to the Fabrication Order Forms page.