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System Electric Hand DMC

Item #: 8E39=6
With lamination ring for wrist disarticulation
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  • With lamination ring suitable for wrist disarticulation. Passive wrist rotation with friction.
  • Specifically designed for adolescents or women with small hands
  • Best choice for those who don’t utilize the AutoGrasp function
  • Dynamic Mode Control (DMC) plus control system offers additional security for user and is engaged by removing a function plug
  • Three power supply alternatives accommodate variable residual limb shapes

The DMC plus control features a DMC and DMC plus control mode. The desired control mode is selected with the integrated 13E185 Function Plug. In DMC plus control mode, after gripping once with maximum grip force, a higher signal is required to open the hand. This reduces the risk of opening the hand with undesired muscle signals. In this system, two independent measurement and control systems proportionally control gripping speed as well as gripping force. Gripping speed and gripping force are determined by the strength of the muscle signal.

The System Electric Hand DMC plus can be operated with the 757B35=* MyoEnergy Integral, the 757B20/757B21 EnergyPack or the 757B15 X-ChangePack. It features a central flat cable, automatic shut-off electronics and integrated on-off switch, low friction bevel gear, positive back lock, and System Inner Hand. An integrated slip clutch allows the hand to be opened in case of power supply or myoelectric control failure.

The electrodes must be adjusted with the 757M11 MyoBoy.


Side Size Operating
gripping force
Weight with
inner hand
8E39=6-L7 Left 7 6/7.2 V 79 mm 0-90 N 15-130 mm/sec ~355 g Women, Adolescents
8E39=6-R7 Right 7 6/7.2 V 79 mm 0-90 N 15-130 mm/sec ~355 g Women, Adolescents
Myo Glove Sizing for Hands
Hand Size For Standard Glove
Article Number
Skin Natural Glove
Article Number
5 Children 1-3 yrs old 8S20=136x41 (L/R) color 8S20N=136x41 (L/R) color
5 1/2 Children 3-6 yrs old 8S20=147x45 (L/R) color 8S20N=147x45 (L/R) color
6 Children 5-10 yrs old 8S20=162x56 (L/R) color 8S20N=162x56 (L/R) color
6 1/2 Children 8-13 yrs old 8S20=177x64 (L/R) color 8S20N=177x64 (L/R) color
7 Women, Adolescents 8S13=7 (L/R) color 8S13=7 (L/R) color
7 1/4 Men, Adolescents 8S11=190x76 (L/R) color 8S11N=190x76 (L/R) color
7 1/4 Women 8S12=190x78 (L/R) color 8S12N=190x78 (L/R) color
7 3/4 Men 8S11=210x78 (L/R) color 8S11N=210x78 (L/R) color
8 1/4 Men 8S11=225x80 (L/R) color 8S11N=225x80 (L/R) color


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