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Item #: 13E500

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The 13E500 AxonMaster is the central control unit in the Axon-Bus prosthetic system. The AxonMaster samples the user's control signals and routes them to the corresponding prosthesis components via the Axon-Bus (joint control and power supply connection). This allows the user to control the prosthesis and switch between the prosthesis components. The AxonMaster also controls the data communication process of the Axon-Bus. The 13E500 AxonMaster is intended exclusively for exoprosthetic fittings of the upper limbs and serves to control and coordinate all active Ottobock Axon-Bus prosthesis components within the system.

5 control programs are available:

  • MultiGrip
  • DMC LowInput
  • Digital
  • VarioControl
  • DoubleChannel

Article number 13E500
Weight 15 g
Operating voltage 11,1 V
Operating temperature 0 to +60 degrees C
Storage temperature - 20 to 60 degrees C
Transport temperature - 20 to 60 degrees C
Relative humidity max. 80% non-condensing
Power supply 757B500
Dimensions 53 x 28 x 9 mm

13E500 AxonMaster - Instructions for Use (Qualified Personnel)

Instructions for Use: 647G590 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI)

Published Date: March 9, 2015