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Prosthetic Sock dis. Cotton-prox. Terry

Item #: 451F24=40
Thin distally (1 ply) and thick proximally (3 ply) without hole for use with cushion liners.

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451F24=40: Thin distally (1 ply) and thick proximally (3 ply) without hole for use with cushion liners, length 40.

Unique residual limb socks for specific volume management

Available with distal hole for pin (451F25, 451F27) or without hole (451F24, 451F26)

Depending on the type of socket design - specific weightbearing socket (SWB) or total surface weight-bearing socket (TSWB) - adjustments to volume may be needed in the proximal or distal areas of the residual limb.

Residual limb socks that have varying thickness can be used to compensate for these volume fluctuations in a targeted manner. These volume adjustment socks with thick/thin proximal or distal sections are therefore the perfect alternative to traditional residual limb socks.


  • Specific compensation for volume management of the residual limb
  • Reduce pressure points and rotation in the socket
  • Protect the liner and the residual limb
  • Suitable for all mobility grades
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine

Available lengths (in cm): 30, 40

Suggested use:

  • F27 or F25 with hole for pin/lanyard and DVS Dynamic Vacuum 
  • F24 or F26 without hole for cushion liners

Article Number With Distal Hole Distal Thin Distal Thick Proximal Thin Proximal Thick Length (cm)
451F24=30 No X X 30
451F24=40 No X X 40
451F26=30 No X X 30
451F26=40 No X X 40
451F25=30 Yes X X 30
451F25=40 Yes X X 40
451F27=30 Yes X X 30
451F27=40 Yes X X 40

Thick-Thin Progressive Socks Specification Sheet

Product Information: (EN)

Published Date: February 1, 2018