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1C64 Triton HD

Item #: 1C64

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The 1C64 Triton Heavy Duty is based on the outstanding functionality of the 1C60 Triton.

The innovative design of the Triton supports a broad range of applications from everyday use to recreational sports. In addition, the corrosion-resistant metal parts of the Triton Heavy Duty make this foot water-resistant and increase the field of application for the Triton.

Thanks to the use of a titanium adapter, it is particularly robust and suitable for users with mobility grade 3 and 4 and a body weight of up to 150 kg (330 lbs).

The scope of delivery for the Triton Heavy Duty includes the footshell with connection cap, a Spectra-Sock and a transparent (soft) and anthracite (firm) heel wedge.


Activity Level K3, K4
Maximum Body Weight 330 lbs (150 kg)
Heel Height Normal footshell (N) 10 +/- 5mm, Slim footshell (S) 15 +/- 5 mm
Footshell Shape Normal (N), Slim (S)
Footshell Color Beige (4), Brown (15)
Side Right (R), Left (L)
Sizes 21 cm - 30 cm
Stiffness 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Product weight (w/o footshell) 430 g - 615 g
Standard Warranty 3 years


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PDAC Letter - 1C64 Triton HD

Reimbursement: (EN)

Publish date: 

PDF Document (1C64_TritonHD_PDAC_11-13-02020.pdf | 18 KB)

LLP Prosthetist Documentation

Reimbursement: (EN)

Publish date: Sep 3, 2020

PDF Document (LLP_Prothetist_Doumentation_122420.pdf | 1 MB)

LLP Physician Documentation

Reimbursement: (EN)

Publish date: Dec 23, 2020

PDF Document (LLP_Physician_Documentation_122320.pdf | 680 KB)

Function Matrix – Prosthetic Feet

Product Information: 646F307 (EN)

Publish date: Sep 1, 2012

PDF Document (646F307-EN-05-1209w.pdf | 5 MB)

Body weight and foot size chart

Product Information: 647G958 (EN/DE)

Publish date: Aug 1, 2015

PDF Document (647G958-DE_EN-03-1508w.pdf | 214 KB)

Foot Size Conversion Table

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: Dec 1, 2016

PDF Document (Foot-Size-Conversion-Table.pdf | 160 KB)

1C60 Triton, 1C63 Triton Low Profile, 1C64 Triton Heavy Duty - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G1218 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/PL/HU/CS/RO/HR/SL/SK/BG/TR/EL/RU/JA/ZH/KO)

Publish date: Jun 12, 2020

PDF Document (647G1218-INT-08-2007w.pdf | 2 MB)

Triton Family Brochure

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: Apr 1, 2017

PDF Document (12042309_1D_OB-Triton_Bro_KL.pdf | 1 MB)

Foot Family Poster

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: Nov 1, 2018

PDF Document (14485-Foot-Family-Poster-LO.pdf | 346 KB)

1C64 Triton Heavy Duty Prosthetic Foot - Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use: 647G824 (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL/SV/DA/NO/FI/PL/HU/CS/HR/RO/SL/SK/BG/TR/EL/RU/JA/ZH/KO)

Publish date: Feb 21, 2017

PDF Document (647G824-INT-04-1702w.pdf | 1 MB)

Foot Portfolio Flyer

Product Information: (EN)

Publish date: Sep 2, 2020

PDF Document (18600_Foot_Portfolio_Flyer_B2B_D.pdf | 636 KB)