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Malleo Immobil Air Walker

Item #: 50S12-1
Walker Boot

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Our standard walker boot immobilizes the foot and ankle for healing.

• Lightweight durable construction
• Low-profile rocker bottom promotes a natural gait
• Pneumatic pump incorporated into the liner
• Straps integrated into the uprights to prevent migration

Indicated for Achilles tendon ruptures, forefoot or midfoot fractures, ankle fractures, distal fibula fractures, soft tissue injuries, post-operative use, trauma and rehab.


Measure using shoe size.
Size Men's shoe size Women's shoe size Pneumatic Non-Pneumatic
S 4.5-7M 6-8W 50S12-1=S 50S10-1=S
M 7.5-10.5M 8.5-11.5W 50S12-1=M 50S10-1=M
L 10.5-12.5M 11.5-13.5W 50S12-1=L 50S10-1=L
XL 12.5+ M 13.5+W 50S12-1=XL 50S10-1=XL


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2021 Bracing & Supports Catalog

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Lower limb treatment guidelines - Malleo Immobil Walker

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Malleo Immobil Walker - Instructions for Use

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