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Restore their power.

Rob walking outside with his Empower foot

Empower is the only commercially available microprocessor foot with powered propulsion. By combining a mechatronic ankle joint with the high-energy carbon of the Taleo Low Profile foot, Empower imitates the lost muscle function that propels people forward.

For individuals who want to walk faster and farther over a variety of terrain, Empower provides the power, stability, and control they need to live the active life they deserve.

Empower certification

Take our online course to become certified to fit your patients with the Empower microprocessor foot. Once you complete the course, download the Empower Setup App from the Google Play Store and register for your myOttobock account.

Take the certification course
View the Empower refresher


empower online training

The New Empower


New setup app

The Android tablet-based Setup App has been redesigned, making the fitting process more streamlined and intuitive.

A new foundation

The Taleo Low Profile base spring offers smooth rollover and optimal adaptation to varying ground conditions.

Redesigned look

Featuring an attractive bead-blasted matte finish on metal hardware, the new Empower incorporates Ottobock brand elements and design.

Gait cycle animation


First steps and bench alignment


Static alignment and dynamic optimisation


Specific parameter adjustments


Setup troubleshooting


Rob's Empower Story


Mattias's Empower story


Empower overivew