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Taleo Vertical Shock

Item #: 1C51
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Détails du produit

Taleo Vertical Shock was designed for active individuals (K3) who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking and the ability to go wherever life takes them.

Designed for optimal outcomes:

  • The functional ring unit effectively absorbs torsion (+/- 10°) to relieve the residual limb and enhance comfort in everyday life in combination with vertical shock absorption (up to 15 mm)
  • Dual springs and a long carbon base enable a smooth rollover and efficient energy return at varying speeds
  • The unique flexible connection of the carbon springs in the forefoot result in optimal adaption
  • Three different heel wedges to optimize gait dynamics and reduce impact forces
  • Sizes 22 – 30 cm
  • Up to 330 lbs / 150kg
  • Build height with normal footshell (size 26) 7 ¼” (185mm)

The scope of delivery for Taleo Vertical Shock includes the footshell with connection cap, the 2F50 heel wedge set (comprising three different degrees of hardness), a 2Z362 functional ring set for replacement, a pre-compression kit and a black Spectra sock.

Sometimes referred to as Taleo VS.



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PDAC Letter - 1C51 Taleo Vertical Shock


Document PDF | Date de publication : 23 nov. 2020

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Information produit

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