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Item #: 1D35
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Détails du produit

From a comfortable heel strike with noticeable plantar flexion through the progressive ankle moment up to the optimised a-p and m-l movement: the natural gait is the model for the 1D35 Dynamic Motion.

Thanks to the outstanding characteristics of the plastic spring in combination with the functional foam and the integrated 3D spacer fabric, the Dynamic Motion has a high energy return and allows for a dynamic transition from the stance to the swing phase. The contralateral side is effectively relieved. The result is a harmonious and physiological rollover.


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Function Matrix – Prosthetic Feet

Information produit

Document PDF | Date de publication : 1 sept. 2012

Foot Size Conversion Table

Information produit

Document PDF | Date de publication : 1 déc. 2016

1D35 Dynamic Motion Foot - Instructions for Use

Notice d’utilisation

Document PDF | Date de publication : 1 juin 2020