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Item #: 4X860=M
Color: Light Champagne
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Détails du produit

The C-Leg 4 Protective Cover safeguards the system against jolts, the environment, and normal wear and tear. A redesigned contoured shape mimics natural leg volume and can be shortened.

The C-Leg 4 Protective Cover, which consists of a frame, a shield insert, and a foot cuff, delivers both practical protection and attractive cosmesis. The knee section is anatomically designed for easy kneeling and with a smooth surface to easily slip under clothing. Your patient can further customize their limb by choosing from three shield insert designs.

Order example:
The frame and shield insert are ordered separately, with the following article numbers.

1. 4X860= C-Leg Protective Cover (without shield) Includes the main protector component and 4P880= foot cuff in size S, M or L

2. 4P863= Shield Insert (with choice of pattern)


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C-Leg Protector 4X860 Instructions for Use

Notice d’utilisation

Document PDF | Date de publication : 5 févr. 2015