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Human Mobility Close of Operations
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – 2/1/2018

Full announcement regarding Human Mobility changes available on our News page.

Thank you for doing business with Ottobock Human Mobility North America. We greatly appreciate the opportunity you afforded us to provide you with complex rehab solutions.

At the bottom of this page you will find a comprehensive list of products that have been discontinued effective February 1, 2018. We will work with you to fulfill those Open Orders that have been placed on or before January 31, 2018. For expected delivery dates on those orders, please contact Ottobock Customer Service at 800 665 3327 or

Below, you will also find anticipated questions and answers to help address any concerns you may have. We will update this document as new information comes in. Our goal is to communicate with you, and in turn your clients, with as much up to date detail on everything we can do to continue to provide the best service possible.

Q – Is OBSS and NuTec Seating still available?
A – Yes, you can continue to order OBSS the same way you are used to. Please contact Nutec Customer Service directly to place Nutec orders by calling 800 328 4058 and dialing extension 95939 or email We will continue to inform you about the transition to Permobil and ensure product and service availability throughout the entire process.

Q – What does the discontinuation mean for my business?
A – Ottobock is no longer accepting orders for Human Mobility products. Every effort will be made to fulfill all open orders as of January 31, 2018. You can find a list of the products that are affected at the bottom of the document.

Q – What happens if I have an existing product quote from Ottobock?
A – All Ottobock quotes have expired as of January 31, 2018.

Q – What happens if I have an order with Ottobock for a product that hasn’t been shipped by January 31, 2018?
A – Ottobock will make every effort to fulfill all open orders that were placed prior to 7pm CST January 31st. Changes to these orders are likely not possible but we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Q – I have been waiting for approval and finally received it. How am I going to obtain product for my patient without being able to order the product from you?
A – The approval is typically code specific and not brand specific. We are happy to help you to understand the process in order to get the approved product from another brand. Just contact and we are happy to assist.

Q – I have questions regarding my open orders. Is Ottobock still going to assist me?
A – Ottobock is committed to helping you and your business through this transition. Ottobock's customer service and reimbursement support will continue to be available throughout this time period.

Q – Can I still get repairs and spare parts for previously purchased products from Ottobock after February 1, 2018?
A – Yes, you will be able to get after sales service through the product's end of life and can make warranty claims through the end of the warranty period.

Q – Who do I contact if I have a product with a warranty claim (including returns and repairs)?
A – If you have a warranty issue, we will continue to take care of all warranties for the duration of the warranty period. You will be able to contact us via our website (, phone (800 665 3327), or email (

Q – What happens after January 31, 2018 if I have an invoice issue related to a product I purchased from Ottobock?
A – Ottobock will be happy to handle any discrepancies with discounts or pricing errors and fulfill all issues.

Q – What will happen to the Professional Clinical Services Events (Education) that Ottobock offers?
A – We have paused all 2018 Human Mobility events to evaluate our education offering. Prosthetics and Orthotics Educational events will continue.

Q – Will I need a Permobil account in order to purchase any OBSS and/or NuTec Seating?
A – We will continue taking OBSS orders for the next few weeks, until Permobil has taken over the order processing. As for Nutec orders, please contact Nutec Customer Service directly at 800 328 4058, extension 95939 or email If you do not already have an account set up, you can contact Permobil to make the transition more smooth:
Permobil Customer Care

Q – Where do I find the latest information regarding this transition?
A – Please continue to visit our website for the latest information

Thank you for your understanding, we realize this period of transition demands some adjustment, and we will work hard to minimize any impact. Thank you again for your business and for your continued effort to deliver on our mission to help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement..

Discontinued Human Mobility Products

Kimba Seating System, Kids  
Motus, Wheelchair  
Start M5XXL, Heavy-duty, Wheelchair  
Start M5, Wheelchair  
Start M2, Wheelchair  
Start Junior, Wheelchair  
Ventus, Wheelchair  
Voyager Evo, Wheelchair  
EcoBuggy, Kids  
Lisa, Kids  
Skippi, Power Wheelchair  
Terra Flair, Complex Seating  
Terra Aquos, Complex Seating  
Terra , Complex Seating  
Cloud, Complex Seating  
Advantage, Complex Seating  
BodiTrak, 3rd Party  
Nurmi Neo, Kids  
Walk Star, Kids  
Yogi Anterior Walker, Kids  
Flip 2 Sit, Kids  
Aquanaut, Kids  
tmax, Wheelchair  
Accessories, Wheelchair