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Freedom Innovations Transition to Ottobock & Proteor

Ottobock | Proteor

Ottobock, in collaboration with Proteor and Freedom Innovations would like to ensure you are aware of recent changes to the Freedom Innovations company and portfolio of products. Below you will find details about the split of Freedom products between Ottobock and Proteor.

Ottobock Contact Information & Products

Clinical Support
Phone: 800 665 3327

For Ottobock Canadian customers, Freedom Innovations products will continue to be available through OrtoPed and Ortho Active.

Ottobock - Feet

Catapult Running Nitro Running Runway
Defender Promenade Senator
Freestyle Swim Renegade Silhouette
LP Symes Renegade AT Silhouette VS
Maverick Comfort AT Renegade LP Slalom Ski
Maverick Xtreme Renegade LP - AT Thrive
Maverick Xtreme AT Restore WalkTek

Ottobock - Ankles


Ottobock - Components

General Use

Heavy Duty

Proteor Contact Information & Products

Customer Service
Phone: 888 818 6777
Fax: 949 672 0084

Accounting / Billing
Phone: 855 450 7300

Clinical Support
Phone: 888 818 6777

Sales Support
Frank Oschell
Phone: 612 345 2202



Proteor - Feet

Aglix Highlander Max
DynAdapt Pacifica
Sierra Pacifica LP

Proteor - Ankles


Proteor - MPC Ankles


Proteor - MPC Knees

Plie 3